Yusaku Kamekura – Japanese Graphic Art

November 22nd, 2011 | Space

Yusaku Kamekura (1915-1997) was one of Japan’s most prolific graphic designers.  He is probably best-known for his 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games posters as Japan was still culturally shaken from the aftermath of the WWII, and Kamekura was tasked with creating a successful poster campaign to propel his country into the post-war design elite.

He has created countless magazine and book covers, signs, and prints.  For his exhibition ‘The Universe of Curved and Straight Lines: Designs by Yusaku Kamekura’ he received the 25th Mainichi Arts Award in 1983. And I’m not sure how he picked up this one, but his nickname was “The Boss”…

I really enjoy his colorful brand of minimalism.  His works gain a lot of depth with empty space and carefully placed lines.

You can find more of his work here – a blog dedicated to the history of graphic design in Japan.

This book published in 1973 covers two decades of his best work in the fields of posters, magazine & book covers, neon signs, and other graphics.

Images from the book can be found here.


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