Featured Instrument: Shigin Conductor Mini


Introducing the Shigin Conductor Mini…

Manufacturer:  unknown, Japan

Year:  unknown

The Shigin Conductor Mini (the “Shigin”) is one of the first keyboards I purchased when embarking on this rabbit-hole of a collection known as the Keyz Project. The Shigin was designed to emulate the sounds of the Japan’s national instrument, the Koto (a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument). As opposed to the Koto’s large and bulky frame, the Shigin’s design is streamlined into a nice portable package—about the size of a small paperback book—ready for any adventure worthy of a whimsical soundtrack.


I purchased the Shigin online from Thuggin_Way777, one of my favorite international eBay sellers (Japan). The Shigin Conductor Mini is about as rare and strange as Japanese electronic musical instruments come. So rare and strange in fact…

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