We Were Not Made For This World

January 13th, 2015 | Robot

We Were Not Made For This World

“We Were Not Made For This World” is a new short video created by Colin West McDonald. In this story, a lonely robot wanders through the desert, searching for some meaning of its existence. With each step, death approaches ever more quickly… It reminds me of the countless humans who have journeyed from home to find purpose in the wilderness, to find their place in the great unknown…

The robot was beautifully designed by Paul Hornschemeier and fabricated by Tina Matthews, who ultimately wore the costume for the film.

Part’s I and III of The Robot Scriptures are still in development, so stay tuned for that.


Brain Massage – Freeskiing

January 7th, 2015 | Brain

Brain Massage by Nipwitz

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I saw the “Brain Massage” title on the Vimeo Staff Picks list. I certainly didn’t expect 22 minutes of the best freeskiing I’ve ever seen. The video is a tour de force directed by Aarni Toiviainen, featuring Finish skiing by Oskari Raitanen, Tommi Kostilainen, Matti Räty, Riku Laakso, Jussi Mononen, Kalle Leinonen and others.

Most of the skiing takes place in remote regions of Scandinavia, The Baltic, and Russia, which makes for some incredibly unique visuals. There’s nothing like seeing the skiers turn abandoned Soviet warehouses in trick parks.

Here’s a word from the creators:

“After three years, twelve webisodes, two IF3 Europe awards and over one million views Nipwitz has embarked on a new, two-year movie project to be released in fall 2014.

The movie, entitled Brain Massage, is the most ambitious Nipwitz project showcasing game-changing skiing in cities of Scandinavia, the Baltics and beyond. It is also the very last piece of art produced under the name Nipwitz

The last piece of soul, heart and wisdom inspired by the northern spirit of Vikings, dragons and the brotherhood of metal.”


Anatomical Alphabet by Laura Facci

December 18th, 2014 | Brain

Laura Facci Anatomical Alphabet

Laura Facci is an artist from Caracas, Venezuela (she graduated from Design Institute of Caracas – Illustration Degree – in 2012). She created this anatomical alphabet for a school project, the assignment was simple — create an illustration for each letter of the alphabet, choosing a specific theme.

As you can tell, Laura chose the human body as her inspiration, and it turned out really well. You may notice that the alphabet follows the Spanish language instead of English. B for Boca = Mouth. P for Piernas = Legs. O for Orejas = Ears… and so on. It might be a good Spanish test to see if you can name all of the words that match the drawings.

Laura Facci Anatomical Alphabet Letter L

L is for Lengua – Tongue

Laura Facci Anatomical Alphabet Letter B

B is for Boca – Mouth

Laura Facci Anatomical Alphabet Letter S

S is for Sangre – Blood

Find more from Laura at her Behance page.


Organic Resin Paintings by Bruce Riley

December 10th, 2014 | Brain

Bruce Riley 1

Bruce Riley 2

Bruce Riley 3

Bruce Riley 4

Behold the psychedelic, shape-shifting paintings of Bruce Riley. The organic artwork is constructed by layering paint and resin in abstract shapes on the canvas. The process (captured by video) looks just as intriguing as the final pieces.

Here’s what Aron Packer had to say about Bruce’s work:

“Bruce Riley is an alchemist. It’s an overused term in abstract painting but in this case, it’s true. Using experimental techniques for creating the paintings for his current show, Riley plans his paintings, but along the way he wrangles the accidents and mistakes that are inevitable. In the studio he focuses on flow allowing immediate observation to guide a painting’s progress. He keeps everything fresh within his daily routine by working on multiple works which inform and feed on each other. He cannot say what it is that tips a painting in one direction or the other. It’s just apparent to him when something is done. The process is a living thing that’s of the moment.”

I believe so much of art takes place in these happy accidents… an altered brush stroke, an unforeseen spill of paint, a surprising crooked edge. Most artists start out with a very specific plan in mind, but with these “mistakes,” something exciting and original can emerge.

You can find more from Bruce at his site.


[via Viral Nova]

“Under My Skin” by Lucia Giacani

November 26th, 2014 | Brain

lucia giacani Under My Skin 3

Lucia Giacani is a fashion photographer hailing from Milan, Italy. Seen here is an editorial photo shoot for Vogue Italia called “Under My Skin.” I especially appreciate how the model’s glistening red hair matches the animal’s striated muscles.

Stylist: Dinalva Barros
Make-up: Elena Pivetta
Hair stylist: Ana Rodriguez
Manicurist: Rossella Galvani
Model: Kristina Sheiter
Special thanks: Maxwell Goodway

lucia giacani Under My Skin 2

lucia giacani Under My Skin 1

animal anatomy 1

animals and fashion

Under My Skin 5

No animals were harmed in the making of these photographs.

You can read more about the artist at her site.


GIF Art by Milos Rajkovic aka Shilom

November 23rd, 2014 | Brain, Robot

Crumb Inspired drawing

sculpture sculpture

Milos Rajkovic is an anti-war Serbian artist who makes animated GIFs showing the inner-working of authority figures like generals and politicians. The busts are filled with ridiculous characters (clowns, machines, birds, etc.) which poke fun at the ruling class. It’s all rather mesmerizing…

A word from the artist:

“I think that satirical humor is the best form of criticism and thats the reason why I use it so much in my work. The interesting thing is that people who don’t understand that kind of humor always thinks that my art is scary and disturbing.”

We understand you, Milos.

Milos Rajkovic Sholim 6

Milos Rajkovic Sholim 2

Milos Rajkovic Sholim 3

Milos Rajkovic Sholim 4

Milos Rajkovic Sholim 5

You can find more from the artist on his Tumblr page, Youtube, or Instagram.

The sound effects certainly bring the animations to life.


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