Urban Photography from Jared Lim

June 3rd, 2013 | Robot

Jared Lim 2

Munich, Germany

Jared Lim Beijing

Beijing, China

Jared Lim Houston

Houston, Texas

Jared Lim Origami Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Jared Lim The Non Conformist Japan

Nagoya, Japan

Through the Viewfinder of a Wanderer

From Jared Lim:  “I have always loved geometry, lines, curves, pattern and abstract designs. Architecture seems like a great way to express them. My added advantage of traveling to most major cities for my work gives me great opportunities. Urban Exploration comprise of my cities shots in colors, monochrome and street photography.​

​​Beyond that, I have great interest in other categories of Travel photography. I am passionate about traveling and photography not only allows me to express myself artistically but also to document my journey.”

I agree that photography is a great way to express yourself artistically and also save the memories from your travels.

Also, Jared’s talents are not limited to architectural patterns.  Check out this shot of the famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Jared Lim Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Absolutely incredible! Find more from the artist at his site.


[via My Modern Met]

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