The Sculpture of Chris Bathgate

May 14th, 2012 | Robot

Chris Bathgate is a machinist sculptor from Baltimore, Maryland.  His work has been featured in galleries all across the U.S. and also in Russia.  I think it’s pretty cool that over the years, he has crafted an array of personalized tools for his sculpting: Computerized Numerical Control machines, digitally operated kilnselectroplating tanks and anodizing equipment.

From his website:

[Chris’s] body of work is a collection of intricately machined metal sculptures that represent the combination of his unique metalworking style with a traditional approach to sculpture. By combining the math and logistics used in performing the complex tasks of modern machine work with a more emotive and aesthetic problem-solving ethic, Bathgate’s work shows that it is not creativity alone that drives human imagination, but also the need to solve and overcome problems that lead to inspiration. Be it through the necessity of his process or arbitrary guidelines set by the artist himself, each work becomes a creative response to a series of mathematical and subjective visual parameters. The result is a precise and other worldly art object that exudes a creative logic all its own.

His works are all meticulously planned out to the point where even the design sheets have a certain hyper-technical beauty:

For more from Chris Bathgate and his design and fabrication process, take a look at his website.  There’s a lot of good stuff there.


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