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NASA – The Frontier Is Everywhere

October 18th, 2011 | Space

The Frontier Is Everywhere

Carl Sagan at his finest! This video was put together by a 25-year-old Canadian kid, Reid Gower (based on a video by freelance social media producer, Michael Marantz) out of frustration for NASA’s current marketing strategy. I would say that he certainly succeeded. I find this more inspiring than any video I have seen out of NASA in recent years, but most of the credit should go to Carl Sagan.

This speech, in many ways, embodies what this site is all about – a desire to foster our species’ march toward a being “with more of our strengths and fewer of our weaknesses, more confident, far-seeing, capable, and prudent.”

Apparently, NASA is not allowed to spend any taxpayer money on advertising, but the military has an exemption from this law. Considering that the nation is steadily falling behind most 1st world countries in math and science, I think the government should hire Mr. Gower to inject some energy into the space program!

I would like to see this video (featuring Justice) on TV sometime soon: