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BMW S54 Engine – Organized Neatly

June 11th, 2015 | Robot

BMW S54 engine

The BMW S54 was a high performance engine with these features:

1. Increased cylinder bore to 87 mm (from 86.4 mm) for a new total displacement of 3,246 cc (from 3,201 cc)
2. Modified camshafts
3. High pressure Double VANOS continuously variable valve timing system with faster operation at high rpm
4. Increased compression to 11.5:1 (from 11.3:1)
5. More advanced BMW/Siemens MSS 54 engine management control
6. Finger-type rocker arms for reduced reciprocating mass and friction
7. One-piece aluminum head casting for lighter weight
8. Scavenging oil pump to maintain pressure during heavy cornering

An unknown source broke the entire engine down and laid it out carefully for us to enjoy. Now we just need someone to label each part for our didactic purposes.


UV Paint, a Wind Tunnel, and a Ferrari

October 28th, 2014 | Robot

Fabian Oefner californiat 2 UV Paint Fabian Oefner californiat 1

We’ve featured Fabian Oefner’s work here on the blog before. He’s a photographer, videographer and a self-proclaimed “curious investigator, photographer and artist, whose work moves between the fields of art and science.” We can certainly appreciate that sentiment at RobotSpaceBrain. His new collaboration with Ferrari is another wonderful fusion of art and science.

Wind tunnels are often used in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past solid objects. In the automobile industry, the tunnel can be used to measure the aerodynamic forces and pressure distribution to optimize a car’s design. In this project, Fabian sprays UV paint into the wind tunnel with a black California T Ferrari and captures the scene in it all its glory.

The artwork is certainly commercial, but I appreciate it just the same. After all, artists have to make money too…

Fabian Oefner californiat 3

Fabian Oefner californiat 4

Fabian Oefner californiat 5 UV Paint

Fabian Oefner californiat 6

You can find more from Fabian, at his website.


Drift Stage – 90’s Arcade Style Racing Game

August 1st, 2014 | Robot

Drift Stage 1

90's style video game

Drift Stage is a new racing video game currently being created by 2 guys who were deeply inspired by the the great, Yu Suzuki. Suzuki is the mastermind behind the extremely popular titles, Daytona USA and Super Hang-On. This game looks really beautiful.

Drift Stage 4

Drift Stage 3

From a recent interview with the developers, programmer Chase Pettit and artist Charles Blanchard:

“These days, you typically either get something like Forza Horizon that has one foot in the sim racing world and a learning curve to match or you get something that swings hard in the other direction like Mario Kart 8 that maybe eschews a bit too much depth for the sake of being accessible. There are definitely some amazing games in both of those camps, but I want to give the middle ground some more attention with Drift Stage.”

Drift Stage 5

Drift Stage 6

Drift Stage 7

The super-saturated color palette is pretty perfect for this type of game, and it’s sure to win some nostalgia-driven fans as a result.

Look for a first release on the PC and Mac platforms, but the game is still very early in development, so who knows when it will be released. You can follow the developers’ tumblr page to stay updated.


[via Kotaku]

Future Cars by Beni Bischoff

July 27th, 2014 | Robot, Space

Handicaped Cars 1

Swiss artist Beni Bischoff created these intriguing automobile images by digitally altering photographs of classic cars. The resulting hovercrafts walk a beautiful line between retro and futuristic design… Maybe these concept cars will become the very first models of a new era of hovering transportation.

Handicaped Cars 2

Handicaped Cars 5


Handicaped Cars 6

Handicaped Cars 4

Handicaped Cars 7

This vision of the future may not be so terribly far off… Toyota surprisingly announced that they may be planning to build a hovercraft in the near future. Though I doubt it will look as cool as these cars, it’s exciting nonetheless.

The rest of Beni Bischoff’s work is a bit different. It includes sculpture, painting, and other (more disturbing :)) digital manipulations. Check it out here.


Skeleton Car from Li Hui

April 15th, 2013 | Brain, Robot

Skeleton Car 1



Li Hui is a Chinese Installation artist who works with stainless steel, acrylics and lasers.  The skeleton car above was created in 2006 for a show titled “Who’s afraid of red, amber, and green?” – a direct reference to the painting series “Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue” by American abstract expressionist Barnett Newman.

The installation (named ‘Amber’) features a full size horse skeleton, which has been etched into the acrylic race car to create a truly ethereal scene.

Jérôme Sans (director of the UCCA) writes that “Li Hui’s works explore questions of life and death, existence and transcendence, materiality and spirituality, technology and humanity. But it is his penchant for melding the organic and the inorganic that foreshadows a world in which mortal and machine have become one, making people indistinguishable from their tools.”

Here are the other two pieces from the show, “Reincarnation” and “Cage”:


Ausstellung "Cage"

Light is not a usual medium in artwork, but artists such as James Turrell have shown that it can be mastered.

In Li Hui’s own words… “Light doesn’t seem like a material that can be used in art – if you do not handle it well, the outcome will be awful. Everyone can use light in their work, but light may not always be a good material to help them express what they want to express.”

I’ll look forward to more futuristic works from Li Hui.


[via My Amp Goes to 11]

Autonomous Cars Are Coming

March 1st, 2012 | Robot

March 1st (today!) is a very important day for the future of autonomous vehicles.  For the first time ever, these self-driving cars will be able to legally drive in the United States.  A lengthy campaign by Google has led to new provisions in the state of Nevada which allow for a new kind of robot driver’s license.  Yes, you read that correctly, a ROBOT driver’s license!  A red license plate will be the only mark that these cars are not actually being driven by humans.

With over 50,000 lives lost to careless driving in the United States each year, this a huge step to ensuring the safety of people everywhere.  Hopping in your car is probably the most dangerous thing I do every day, so I, personally, welcome this technology with open arms.

I can’t believe the Google car has already logged almost 200,000 miles on the streets without incident.


[via Singularity Hub]