Entomology by Paula Duță

February 5th, 2014 | Brain

Pauladuta_21insect entomology 2

insect entomology 4insect 3

insect entomology 5 insect entomology 6 insect entomology 7Entomology is the scientific study of insects. With over 1.3 million described species, the field is overwhelmingly complex. Insects represent over 2/3 of all known organisms and play a vital role in our ecosystem – they pollinate flowers, reintroduce nutrients into the soil, make honey, beeswax, silk, and other useful products. Needless to say, our Earth would be a far more inhospitable place without them.

Paula Duță, an illustrator and interior designer from Romania, captures the incredible diversity of insects in her artwork. I really appreciate the level of detail she puts into each of her drawings. They truly belong in a science textbook.

I don’t personally know much about Paula, but on her facebook page, she states, “I just love to draw.” Keep on keepin’ on Paula.


Geometric Tape Installations from Aakash Nihalani

February 4th, 2014 | Brain, Robot

aakash nihalani 3

"L.A. Leaker" by Aakash Nihalani aakash nihalani 4 "Domino" by Aakash Nihalani aakash nihalani 1

aakash nihalani 6

Aakash Nihalani is the Brooklyn-based street artist who created these imaginative geometric installations using only tape and cardboard. If you’ve ever thought you needed a lot of money or studio space to create art, use Aakash’s work as a shining example of the creative possibilities that are all around you.

Asked whether he gets bothered by authorities, Nihalani said, “I’ve asked cops and maintenance staff to wait for me to take a quick photo before they start taking it down, and most have let me.”

Here’s a quick video of Aakash in action:

Go out and create!


Abandoned Yugoslavian (Alien?) Monuments

January 23rd, 2014 | Robot, Space

Abandoned Soviet Monuments 1 This monument, authored by sculptor Miodrag Živković, commemorates the Battle of Sutjeska, one of the bloodiest battles of World War II in the former Yugoslavia.

Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers traveled throughout former-Yugoslavia to capture thousands of old monuments commemorating the the Second World War. The structures are called “Spomeniks” and were commissioned by former dictator Josep Tito in the 1960s and 1970s.

“Tito couldn’t erect figures or busts in honour of generals because he didn’t want to be seen to be favouring any ethnic group, for example a Bosnian general or a Serb war hero, so instead they made these things that didn’t refer to people,” Kempenaers told The Guardian.

Abandoned Soviet Monuments 2


Abandoned Soviet Monuments 7

Kruševo – “The Kruševo Makedonium monument in Macedonia was dedicated to the Ilinden Uprising of 1903, when the Macedonian population revolted against the Ottoman Empire.”

Abandoned Soviet Monuments 8Kosmaj – “The Kosmaj monument in Serbia is dedicated to soldiers of the Kosmaj Partisan detachment from World War II.”
Abandoned Soviet Monuments 6

Podgarić Abandoned Soviet Monuments 5

Niš – “Built in 1963, this monument in Niš, Serbia commemorates the 10,000 people from the area that were killed during World War II. The three clenched fists are the work of sculptor Ivan Sabolić.”
Abandoned Soviet Monuments 4

Knin – “This monument is dedicated to the soldiers who freed the city of Knin, Croatia from the fascists during World War II.”
Abandoned Soviet Monuments 3

Kadinjača – “The Kadinjača Memorial Complex commemorates those who died during the Battle of Kadinjača.”

Abandoned Soviet Monuments


The monuments were built using reinforced concrete, steel, and granite, and they feature strong, angular geometry, which gives them an otherworldly look. I wonder if these will be featured in some sort of History Channel Ancient Aliens show in the future…

If you liked these, there’s a book by the photographer on Amazon where you can find a lot more images, here.


[via Business Insider]

Bioluminescent Beaches

January 21st, 2014 | Space

bioluminescent beaches 1 bioluminescent beaches 2 bioluminescent beaches 3 bioluminescent beaches 4 bioluminescent beaches 5

I’ve only seen bioluminescent plankton once before during a night swim in Halong Bay, Vietnam. It was unforgettable. Every movement through the water created a surreal glowing trail in its wake. The magical images above were captured by Taiwanese photographer, Will Ho, during a recent trip to the Maldives. The phytoplankton do not glow all the time, but instead are activated by disturbances in their environment such as the crashing waves.

You can read all about the science of bioluminescence here, and you can find more photographs from Ho on his Flickr page.


[via My Modern Met]


“Process” – A Video Characterizing the Process of Ideation and Creation

January 14th, 2014 | Brain


UPDATE 3/19/2014: The video appears to be back up!

UPDATE 1/27/2014: SORRY, this video appears to have been deleted by the owners…

Check out this visually stunning short which portrays the “process” of ideation and creation. If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect solution to your creative projects, you might relate to the barrage of incoherent ideas that rise to the surface of your brain.

Watching this felt very familiar, but admittedly, I only feel this way when I am forced to create. A lot of my inspiration comes naturally in the shower or late at night when I’m trying to sleep. However, any sort of deadline will send me into the frantic mental state characterized here.

The video was made by the design team, Pluto, using a combination of RED footage, computer generated images, Mograph, and sound design.

Colored Spheres Respond to Human Touch

January 10th, 2014 | Space

Colored Spheres Respond to Human Touch 1

Colored Spheres Respond to Human Touch 2

Colored Spheres Respond to Human Touch 3

Colored Spheres Respond to Human Touch 4

Colored Spheres Respond to Human Touch 5 Colored Spheres Respond to Human Touch 7 Colored Spheres Respond to Human Touch 8

From now until January 14th, 2014, you can experience a luminous new art installation at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. The design collective known simply as teamLab created this glowing field of orbs that actually responds to human touch. From the artists:

“Individual balls floating in the air communicate to each other via a wireless connection.
The balls change color when touched by people, when they bump into things, or receive a shock, and sounds are produced in relation to the colors. Those balls send this color information to other balls, which in turn send the information to balls close by, and the information spreads out so that all the balls become the same color.”

The artists hope to equate the interaction of the orbs to the growing connectivity of people across the internet. “The internet has spread through out the world. Individuals are connected to closely related people and information spreads back and forth freely between them. People act as the intermediary for the information and in an instant the information spreads and the world unifies”

So, I suppose at this very moment, I am playing a small role in the internet communication world in which we all live…


[via Design Boom]

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