Super Soaker Illustrations from Joe Oliver

July 12th, 2013 | Robot

Super Soaker Illustrations

Super Soaker Illustrations

Super Soaker Illustrations


Super Soaker Illustrations

I recently had an idea to create some illustrations of Super Soaker guns, so I did a little internet search and discovered that a graphic designer from London, Joe Oliver, had the same idea. Maybe I’ll add one to the collection in the near future, but until then, enjoy his terrific “on-going mission to illustrate the all-time greatest Super Soakers.” I swear I don’t work for Larami or any affiliated distributor of Super Soakers, I just think it’s one of the coolest toys ever created.

For more from Joe Oliver, visit his site.


Bacterial Patterns by Fernan Federici

July 8th, 2013 | Brain

Bacterial patterns by Fernan Federici 1

Bacterial patterns by Fernan Federici 2

Bacterial patterns by Fernan Federici 3

Bacterial patterns by Fernan Federici 6

Fernan Federici is a molecular geneticist at the University of Cambridge working in the Haseloff Lab of Synthetic Biology.  Using confocal microscopy, he captured these award-winning photographs of bacteria in their natural habitat. The organic growths are selectively dyed to create the stunning patterns.

You can find a large collection of science photography at Fernan’s Flickr site, and if you’re curious about his scientific background, head to his bio.


[via So Much Older Then]

Surrealism from Tebe Interesno (Dmitry Maksimov)

July 2nd, 2013 | Space

Tebe Interesno - On the Moon

Tebe Interesno - Cliff Rail

Tebe Interesno (“Are you Interested”) is the moniker of Russian digital artist, Dmitry Maksimov, who has a predilection for surreal, space-inspired illustrations.  Frederic Kroutchev believes that his work evokes a Japanese aesthetic due to “Maksimov’s usage of tilt-shift effects, which mimic miniature photography on a grand scale. He’s just taken it one step further, and actually inserted his own “miniatures” into the landscapes.”  The images are so creative and well manipulated…

For many more pieces, check out Dmitry’s Russian tumblr.


[via Colossal]

Anatomical Art from Danny Quirk

June 30th, 2013 | Brain

Danny Quirk 3

Danny Quirk 2

Danny Quirk 4

Danny Quirk is a rising star in the field of anatomical art.  He created these beautiful and educational body paintings, which take roughly 6 hours and are composed of latex, sharpie pen, and acrylic paint. Apparently, he stumbled upon the concept while trying to make his girlfriend a Halloween costume…

I am really impressed with the accuracy of the drawings. These could (and should) be used in medical schools to learn anatomy.

And now for something a bit more risque… Do you want to know where babies come from? Just click here. (WARNING: Absolutely NSFW!)

If you would like to purchase prints, head on over to Danny’s Etsy page.  And, find many more works of anatomical art at his Facebook page.


Ladies Weapons from Antonio Riello

June 28th, 2013 | Robot

Ladies Weapons - Nathalie




Ladies Weapons - Tina



Ladies Weapons - Turandot



Ladies Weapons -Dolores


Antonio Riello is an eclectic Italian artist who has worked with a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and even video games.  He is responsible for this striking set of designer firearms, which are part of a collection titled “Ladies Weapons.”

I’m imaging some sort of left-wing fashion militia brandishing these guns with style…

And he didn’t stop with machine guns and rocket launchers… he also created these chic handguns:

And some grenades:




Here is the whole collection together (click to zoom):


Antonio Riello - Ladies Weapons


I like this quote about Antonio’s unique artistic style: “Incorporating the ironic manner of a conceptual charade, Riello manipulates and almost mistreats the images and objects which he invents.”

For more, please visit Antonio’s website.


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