New Paper Anatomy from Lisa Nilsson

February 13th, 2013 | Brain

Paper Anatomy

Paper Anatomy


Paper Anatomy

Paper Anatomy




Lisa Nilsson has returned for an encore in Paper Anatomy made from the extremely tedious process of Quilling.  I wrote about her work in the past, and here’s an excerpt:

“She created these masterpieces by meticulously rolling and shaping narrow strips of Japanese mulberry paper in a technique called paper filigree or quilling.  As you can imagine, each section takes several weeks to complete.”

This time around she features a canine cut right down the middle.  An interesting note from Lisa’s site is that “The peach-colored shape located where the brain meets the sinuses is the olfactory bulb. This structure is forty times bigger in dogs than in us and enables dogs to sense smell to a degree one hundred thousand to one million times greater than humans.”

The second image is a sagittal view of an angel with an ornate circular background.  It was apparently inspired by Fra Angelico’s Annunciatory Angel (seen below).  

Annunciatory Angel

And I bet you can’t guess what the last 2 images represent… Praying Hands.  The section passes through the large knuckles at the bases of the thumbs.

It certainly takes a unique personality to have the patience for this kind of work.  It will be exciting to see where she goes from here.


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