Man vs Nature – Photography from Ruben Brulat

May 9th, 2013 | Space

Ruben Brulat

Gobi, Mongolia


 Bromo, Indonesia


Tilicho, Nepal


Gobi, Mongolia




Lumle, Nepal

Ruben Brulat

Kurodake, Japan

Ruben Brulat discovered the most striking landscapes in the world for his two photography series, Paths & Primates.  The images feature abandoned people in countries such as Mongolia, Iraq, the Phillipines, Nepal, and Indonesia. By inserting human strife, the scenes evolve from beautiful terrain into compelling drama, and the scale of the people in the photographs emphasizes the power of nature against us.

This personal project was conducted over the last two years, and incredibly, Brulat only traveled by land!  He apparently picked up locals along the way to help find the scenes and take the photographs.



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