5.3-Million Brick LEGO X-Wing

May 23rd, 2013 | Space

Lego X-wing 1

Lego X-wing  2


Lego X-wing  3


This new LEGO X-Wing Masterpiece is being unveiled in Times Square today.  It was made from 5,335,200 individual bricks and weighs an astounding 45,980 pounds (20856.2 kg)!  You may be asking yourself how such a creation came to be… Well, 32 “Master Builders” spent 17,336 man-hours in Kladno, Czech Republic constructing the rebel fighter jet — that’s the equivalent of one man spending about 2 years of his life.

The X-Wing breaks the World Record for the largest LEGO model ever built by about 2 million bricks (LEGO robot will not be happy).  The folks at Wired caught up with a team leader, Erik Varszegi:  “My fellow Master Builders and I are always looking for a challenge — and for projects that push our skills to the next level.”  The team chose the X-Wing because it “is one of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars universe and the sheer size and scope of the building and engineering challenges was one we couldn’t resist.”

I’m not sure who funded the work, but I’m glad this happened.  Someone should build a giant LEGO Brain to complete the RobotSpaceBrain series!


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