Alien Installations from Katharina Grosse

September 20th, 2013 | Space

Katharina Grosse 1

Katharina Grosse 2

Katharina Grosse 3

Katharina Grosse 4

Katharina Grosse 5

Katharina Grosse is an artist from Berlin, Germany who merges installation art with sculpture and painting to create expansive alien environments. Viewers are invited to explore and interact with the strange world from multiple vantage points. In the artist’s own words: “I simply love to see how painting can change when it appears in different spots spatially. It can be on or next to a canvas, it can be compressed or expanded, and so on. I never decided to leave the canvas and go somewhere else. All possibilities are available at the same time.”

Grosse uses a spray gun to color the soil and incorporates a variety of unexpected objects including balloons, canvases, and clothing in the work. The result is an imaginative, unearthly space that really excites the mind’s eye.

Find more at Grosse’s site.


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