Geometric Tape Installations from Aakash Nihalani

February 4th, 2014 | Brain, Robot

aakash nihalani 3

"L.A. Leaker" by Aakash Nihalani aakash nihalani 4 "Domino" by Aakash Nihalani aakash nihalani 1

aakash nihalani 6

Aakash Nihalani is the Brooklyn-based street artist who created these imaginative geometric installations using only tape and cardboard. If you’ve ever thought you needed a lot of money or studio space to create art, use Aakash’s work as a shining example of the creative possibilities that are all around you.

Asked whether he gets bothered by authorities, Nihalani said, “I’ve asked cops and maintenance staff to wait for me to take a quick photo before they start taking it down, and most have let me.”

Here’s a quick video of Aakash in action:

Go out and create!


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