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Editorial Illustrations by Karolis Strautniekas

March 4th, 2014 | Brain






Karolis Strautniekas is an accomplished 25-year-old freelance artist from Lithuania. His work has been commissioned for several publications including The Independent, Creative Review, Usbek & Rica, and Taenk Magazine. The illustrations feature creative perspectives and rich textures, and the color palette fosters an almost jovial atmosphere. I think it’s just great. Head over to his portfolio to see many more.

You can also see some “work-in-progress” images at his Behance page.


[via TFIB]

Can You the Solve the Rule?

February 28th, 2014 | Brain

Proponents of Exponents Cover

This is a quick game of logic that forces the player to think outside of his/her comfort zone. The video demonstrates how unwilling we all are to move away from our initial guesses. In addition, no one likes to be wrong, and the crux of this challenge is to find a number sequence that is incorrect, yet will lead you to a deeper understanding of the rule.

I suppose the point in the end is that it’s o.k. to be wrong. It can really help us learn and a it’s a condition with which we should all become more comfortable.


Adrenaline to the Heart

February 14th, 2014 | Brain

Adrenaline to Heart_800px

Here’s a short stop-motion animation I put together in honor of this day of love. I hand painted an anatomical heart using water color and highlighted the pericardial fat with oil pastels. The animation is sort of a mixture between Valentine’s Day and Pulp Fiction I suppose! The music is an excerpt from an Otis Redding Song titled “Pain in My Heart.”

Go out and love somebody!


“Brain” by Banks

February 14th, 2014 | Brain

Banks Brain

Heres’ a fresh track from Los Angeles-based musician Banks. The haunting new song, produced by Shlohmo, is a preview of Banks’ first full-length album, expected to be released later this year. The track features a foreboding crescendo that leads into an excellently sung chorus. Excited to hear more from this emerging talent…


Anatomical Illustrations from 1901

February 12th, 2014 | Brain



While perusing the archives of one of my favorites inspiration sources, Brain Pickings, I came across these century-old anatomy illustrations made by E.J. Stanley. The images cycle through three main layers of the human body — skin, muscle and bone. I’ve always appreciated the style of illustration used in old anatomy texts, and a flip book is a great way to demonstrate the subject. The illustrations really remind me of the old French anatomy plates created by Gautier D’Agoty.

If you enjoyed these, you might be able to pick up some old posters by E.J. Stanley on EBay Here.


Entomology by Paula Duță

February 5th, 2014 | Brain

Pauladuta_21insect entomology 2

insect entomology 4insect 3

insect entomology 5 insect entomology 6 insect entomology 7Entomology is the scientific study of insects. With over 1.3 million described species, the field is overwhelmingly complex. Insects represent over 2/3 of all known organisms and play a vital role in our ecosystem – they pollinate flowers, reintroduce nutrients into the soil, make honey, beeswax, silk, and other useful products. Needless to say, our Earth would be a far more inhospitable place without them.

Paula Duță, an illustrator and interior designer from Romania, captures the incredible diversity of insects in her artwork. I really appreciate the level of detail she puts into each of her drawings. They truly belong in a science textbook.

I don’t personally know much about Paula, but on her facebook page, she states, “I just love to draw.” Keep on keepin’ on Paula.


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