Astronaut Paintings by Gregory Manchess

March 20th, 2012 | Space

These astronaut paintings are by Gregory Manchess, a renowned illustrator from Kentucky.  Manchess is an artist whose works combine a love of fine art and science fiction.  Professionally, he has contributed to Time, Atlantic Monthly, spreads for Playboy, Omni, Newsweek, and Smithsonian, and numerous book covers.  I really like these new astronaut paintings he created for a recent personal project. The abstract brush strokes look great contrasted with the eyes piercing through the helmets — pretty powerful stuff.

From the artist:

I’ve started a new series of paintings, just for me. Astronauts, past, present, or future, doesn’t matter. I was intrigued by Scott Carpenter’s face looking out from behind bright reflections bouncing off his face mask [1st painting, above]. And [in the second painting], a shuttle crewman stares with that timeless look.

As a kid, I was always looking skyward, staring out into interstellar space from behind the atmospheric face mask of Earth. I feel a kinship with these explorers. Perhaps it’s the promise of all that discovery.

There’s just something so fascinating about people in space suits.

And I couldn’t agree more.


[via Letsdolaunch]

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One thought on “Astronaut Paintings by Gregory Manchess

  1. Mike Larremore

    As a collector of astronaut-themed art, I’m seriously jealous I don’t own these. They’re absolutely gorgeous and I salute the artist. Cheers from Denver, Colorado!


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