Wookies Come to Life! Photography from Mako Miyamoto

July 29th, 2013 | Space

Wookies Come to Life

Come to Life 2

Wookies Come to Life 3

Come to Life 4

Come to Life 5

Come to Life 6

Wookies Come to Life 7

A Wookie is a 7-foot-tall beast from the Star Wars Universe. They are renowned for their excellent strength, marksmanship, and loyalty.  A few lesser known facts for the curious: they apparently live for several hundred years and possess retractable claws to help them live in the trees — the natural Wookie habitat.

Mako Miyamoto decided to bring these creatures into the present day with this excellent series of photographs.  Of course, these figures are not true representations of Wookies (they should be hairy all over and much taller), but nonetheless, the images are pretty damn cool.

Find a lot more photography at Mako’s site.


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