The Sun from Alan Friedman

February 19th, 2013 | Space

The Sun 1

Sun 2

The Sun 3

“A hibernation project… a warm weather sun set aside to work on during the cold, sunless days of January. Captured June 10, 2012, completed today.”

Sun 4






“Not a mouse, of course, but a mammoth solar filament stretched across the sun today. Filaments are prominences from a different point of view… gigantic splashes of hydrogen plasma seen in front of the disk of the sun rather than against the background of space.”

The Sun 10 (Pastoral Sun)

“The sun is quiet in late August… perhaps on vacation, like everyone else”

Alan Friedman is responsible for these incredible High-Definition photographs of the Sun.  He shoots the images from his backyard in downtown Buffalo with a setup that looks like this:

Alan Friedman Camera

Of course, no images of the sun come out of the camera with such dazzling precision and color.  Alan performs days of post-processing to give the photographs the finished look.  You can read more about the process at his blog.


[via Visual News]

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