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Pop Culture Astronaut Paintings from Scott Listfield

March 4th, 2013 | Robot, Space

Scott Listfield Astronaut Paintings 1

ROBOT – 2011 – 12×9 inches – Oil on Canvas


Alien Crossing – 2012 – 9×12 inches – Oil on Canvas


 Boom – 2010 – 12×9 inches – Oil on Canvas

Scott Listfield Astronaut Paintings 4

Lost Highway – 2012 – 18×24 inches – Oil on Canvas


 They Come – 2010 – 12×9 inches – Oil on Canvas


Life Unaquatic – 2012 – 12×24 inches – Oil on Canvas

Scott Listfield is an artist from Boston, Mass who created these wonderful paintings featuring a lone astronaut roaming a land of “pop culture icons, corporate logos, and tongue-in-cheek science fiction references.”  The lonely astronaut theme reminded me of work by Dominik Smialowski or Jeremy Geddes, but these are very different, both aesthetically and conceptually.

The astronaut is certainly out of his comfort zone in these paintings.  He’s surrounded by the material world, and even without facial expressions, you get the idea that this Earth is not his home anymore.

Find a whole lot more at his website.