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Organic Resin Paintings by Bruce Riley

December 10th, 2014 | Brain

Bruce Riley 1

Bruce Riley 2

Bruce Riley 3

Bruce Riley 4

Behold the psychedelic, shape-shifting paintings of Bruce Riley. The organic artwork is constructed by layering paint and resin in abstract shapes on the canvas. The process (captured by video) looks just as intriguing as the final pieces.

Here’s what Aron Packer had to say about Bruce’s work:

“Bruce Riley is an alchemist. It’s an overused term in abstract painting but in this case, it’s true. Using experimental techniques for creating the paintings for his current show, Riley plans his paintings, but along the way he wrangles the accidents and mistakes that are inevitable. In the studio he focuses on flow allowing immediate observation to guide a painting’s progress. He keeps everything fresh within his daily routine by working on multiple works which inform and feed on each other. He cannot say what it is that tips a painting in one direction or the other. It’s just apparent to him when something is done. The process is a living thing that’s of the moment.”

I believe so much of art takes place in these happy accidents… an altered brush stroke, an unforeseen spill of paint, a surprising crooked edge. Most artists start out with a very specific plan in mind, but with these “mistakes,” something exciting and original can emerge.

You can find more from Bruce at his site.


[via Viral Nova]