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Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon

November 14th, 2013 | Space

Darth Vader Balloon

Darth Vader Balloon 2

Boat Balloons

Hot Air Balloons Mexico

Darth Vader Balloon 3

The hot air balloon has been carrying humans high into the sky since the first manned flight back in 1783. It’s a whimsical means of transportation that captures the imagination of pilots every year at the Festival Internacional del Globo in León, Guanajuato, Mexico. The images above come from the 2012 event, which featured a collection of over 200 balloons.

The Darth Vader hot air balloon certainly takes the cake in my opinion. I’d really love to see a semi-transparent version lit up a night… It would be quite the sight!

For information on finding a festival near you, check out this Wikipedia list.


Mexico’s National Pyrotechnic Festival Looks… Amazing!

June 20th, 2013 | Space

Mexico's National Pyrotechnics Festival 1

Mexico's National Pyrotechnics Festival 2

Mexico's National Pyrotechnics Festival 3

Mexico's National Pyrotechnics Festival 5

Mexico's National Pyrotechnic Festival 4

Mexico's National Pyrotechnics Festival 6

Tultepec is a small city located just 30 miles from Mexico City.  The major industry in these parts is Pyrotechnics, and each year, the town throws a week-long festival to show off their major produce. Around 100,000 people flock to enjoy the food, music, dancing, and of course, the amazing fireworks. As you can see above, the safety restrictions don’t seem to be too strict in these parts of Mexico, but it makes for some incredible pictures!  Thomas Prior from New York braved the madness last March and captured the incredible photographs you see above.

The main event of the festival seems especially striking — it features a “Running of the Bulls” in which 250 wooden bulls filled with fireworks run the streets shooting off explosions for a 7 hour finale.

I must go!

Find more from Thomas Prior at his site.


Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 5th, 2012 | Robot

Hope you are enjoying the celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.  Cinco de Mayo may mean different things for the United States and Mexico, but we can all agree, it’s a great day.  And I’m not sure who photoshopped this Mexican Robot into this lineup, but job well done.

Chau Amigos