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Cosmic Pioneer Posters

May 1st, 2012 | Space

These gritty, space-inspired posters are from artist Megan Lee.  Each image portrays an iconic “rock star” of science with a symbol that represents their accomplishments.

From Megan:

“My biggest obstacle when making a new print for someones is reading and sifting through the accomplishments they are known for and turning that into something I can represent artistically. And make it look plain cool. I always want my work to be something I’d love to have on my own walls. I have to do a lot of research and studying in order to decide what I’m going to create for a particular person, and I find that the more difficult it is to figure out exactly what I want to design, the more I end up learning.”

I like how she kept them nice and simple.  Head to her Etsy store for more.


[via Quantumaniac]