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“Under My Skin” by Lucia Giacani

November 26th, 2014 | Brain

lucia giacani Under My Skin 3

Lucia Giacani is a fashion photographer hailing from Milan, Italy. Seen here is an editorial photo shoot for Vogue Italia called “Under My Skin.” I especially appreciate how the model’s glistening red hair matches the animal’s striated muscles.

Stylist: Dinalva Barros
Make-up: Elena Pivetta
Hair stylist: Ana Rodriguez
Manicurist: Rossella Galvani
Model: Kristina Sheiter
Special thanks: Maxwell Goodway

lucia giacani Under My Skin 2

lucia giacani Under My Skin 1

animal anatomy 1

animals and fashion

Under My Skin 5

No animals were harmed in the making of these photographs.

You can read more about the artist at her site.


Ladies Weapons from Antonio Riello

June 28th, 2013 | Robot

Ladies Weapons - Nathalie




Ladies Weapons - Tina



Ladies Weapons - Turandot



Ladies Weapons -Dolores


Antonio Riello is an eclectic Italian artist who has worked with a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and even video games.  He is responsible for this striking set of designer firearms, which are part of a collection titled “Ladies Weapons.”

I’m imaging some sort of left-wing fashion militia brandishing these guns with style…

And he didn’t stop with machine guns and rocket launchers… he also created these chic handguns:

And some grenades:




Here is the whole collection together (click to zoom):


Antonio Riello - Ladies Weapons


I like this quote about Antonio’s unique artistic style: “Incorporating the ironic manner of a conceptual charade, Riello manipulates and almost mistreats the images and objects which he invents.”

For more, please visit Antonio’s website.


Robots In Fashion

July 11th, 2012 | Robot


These photographs are from London-based fashion photographer Gemma Booth.  She has made quite a name for herself over the past 10 years working for the likes of Japanese Vogue, i-D, Jalouse, Nylon and Lula.  Her photography is inspired by stories, old photos, films, books and exhibitions:

– They can all inspire, but sometimes it just comes from within, from a dream or memory.

The images have a natural warmth due to the soft light that bathes the models, and the design of the robot conjures up memories of youth that add to the nostalgic feel.

I’m not sure what brand she has helped to promote here, but think it was executed very well.

Find more of her work here.


[via Ben Trovato Blog]

The Mercenary

June 1st, 2012 | Robot

The Mercenary 1

The Mercenary 2

The Mercenary Saw

The Mercenary Deer

I would like really like to hire this mercenary model, fantastic!

These conceptual photographs are from Baldovino Barani, starring the Australian model, Morgan Hurst.

From Barani’s site:

Baldovino Barani’s photography has acquired somewhat of a cult status in recent years.  His often unsettling and fabulist allegories have interpreted the ever changing metamorphosis of the fashion seasons and showcased the work of this industry’s most talented designers.  Always striving to impose character driven stories, Baldovino Barani’s heroines have come to stand for a new type of editorial femininity: a seamless assimilation between orphic narrative and pure sartorial ecstasy.

This fembot is one intense assassin.  She’s really got it all – guns, fire, blood, a saw, and… antlers?  I’ll take two.