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Wire Anatomy

March 11th, 2012 | Brain, Robot

Federico Carbajal is an architect from Montreal who created these anatomical pieces from galvanized wire, stainless steel and acrylic.

Federico’s description of his work:

An exploration into the boundaries of space: volume, surface and line; of the immaterial form and its perception – its structure and deconstruction. A deep look at the human body, its anatomy and the appropriation of its symbols.

With the influence of the old masters and the early works of Alexander Calder, to current digital 3D media and architectural representation, these tridimensional hybrids bring together drawing, architecture and sculpture in order to create a coherent spatial entity.

Floating tridimensional sketches of the human body are drawn through space with different sheathes of galvanized wire mesh and are assembled and structured with architectural detail.

Spatial sketching allows for the possibility of new representations of images in space, exploring the void and the dematerialization of volume.  The physical and metaphysical presence of the human body emanate through a combination of transparent planes and spatial lines.

I’m a fan of almost all interesting representations of human anatomy, and this work is no exception.  The wire heart is really great and surprisingly accurate.

Find more of his work here.


[via Colossal]