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Many Moons Embroidery

March 7th, 2012 | Space

Shaun Kardinal, based out of Seattle, Washington, is responsible for these fantastic embroidered Apollo images. He used photographs from an old Hasselblad catalog filled with astronauts from the late 1960’s missions that he had found in old antique store in his neighborhood.  From Kardinal:

I felt an immediate draw. Surely my love of Hasselblad’s cameras contributed to this, but there was a certain nostalgia I felt as well, even though I was born long after the events captured. I knew for certain that I had to take it home with me, that I would find a purpose for it within my work.

That last image is of a Death Star if you didn’t notice…

I sure would love to find a magazine like that in an old store sometime.  And what Kardinal has done with the classic images is extraordinary.

For more images of the Apollo missions from Hasselblad, here is an online catalog.


[via Design Milk]