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Into Abstraction with Mark Lovejoy

September 6th, 2013 | Brain

Mark Lovejoy 1



Mark Lovejoy 4

Mark Lovejoy 8

Mark Lovejoy 7

Mark Lovejoy 6

Mark Lovejoy 5

Mark Lovejoy created these beautifully abstract photographs using a collection of materials found in his art studio (see below). The images are full of color and depth, each expressing its own mood.

The work is extremely reminiscent of David Lidbetter, who we featured on the site back in May.

Here’s a word from the artist:

“These are not photographs of paintings – no paintings exist.  These images are of something as fleeting as any street scene or sunset – illuminated pigments, diluents, extenders, resins, oils, fillers, waxes, drying agents, etc. which, depending upon the mix, have varying miscibilities, viscosities, tacks, surface textures, reflectance, drying times etc., etc.  All images are made using CMYK, white & in some cases silver & gold.  Each original image has been reworked & reshot repeatedly – preserving any given iteration would be to doom all subsequent possibilities – the photographic record is all that remains . . . “

Another Friday filled with color. Find more from Mark Lovejoy at his Tumblr.