Surgeon Simulator 2013

February 1st, 2013 | Brain

Surgeon Simulator QWOPeration

Surgeon Simulator 2013 was created in less than 48 hours for the Global Game Jam last weekend, and it has since become an internet sensation.  YouTube user and “depressed chef” Robbaz hilariously demonstrates some of the gameplay in the video above.  The keyboard controls are based on the old track simulator QWOP, which is almost impossible to master.  Each finger of the surgeon’s hand is controlled individually by the player, and if that wasn’t hard enough, moving the arm and hand around require a completely different set of controls.

You can try it for yourself here.

I feel like a Surgeon Simulator would work really well on something like Kinect, but maybe it would be too easy.  It has been known for quite some time now that people who regularly play video games tend to be better surgeons, or at least better robotic surgeons.  So mastering something like the Surgeon Simulator may not be a complete waste of time.  Bossa Studios plans to release a longer version which may include features like “emergency surgery in the back of an ambulance; more procedures, such as a brain transplant; more tools; and achievements, like performing a heart transplant using only a shard of glass.”


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