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June 21st, 2013 | Robot




Today is officially the First Day of Summer!  This incredible Super Soaker collection was acquired by Chris Reid over the years, and it includes 340 Super Soakers overall, including about 240 unique designs.

The Super Soaker was invented by a rocket scientist by the name of Lonnie Johnson in 1980’s. The story goes that “while in his bathroom, Johnson shot a stream of water across the room using a homemade nozzle connected to the faucet. This simple demonstration of pressurized water propulsion was the catalyst for Johnson’s next big idea and invention- a water gun like no other.”  Johnson licensed his Super Soaker to Larami Corporation, and it went on to sell over 1 billion dollars worth of guns.  Michael Jackson even called it one of his favorite toys!

Super Soaker Diagram

I hope that Chris Reid invites the neighborhood kids over from time to time to have a battle.  It would be one crazy scene to see that Super Soaker collection in action. Maybe he could bring them to a Summer Camp or something like that… I remember my favorite was always the one with a backpack, so that you never ran out of water.  Like this one:


Welcome to Summer! Stay cool! (and to the 12% of the world’s population in the Southern hemisphere, stay warm!)


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