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X-Rays of Space Gear by the Smithsonian Museum

March 31st, 2014 | Space

X-Rays of Space Gear -  Helmet 1964

X-Rays of Space Gear - Extra-Vehicular A-7; Shepard, Alan B., Jr.; Apollo 14 Flight

Helmet. Pressure Dome, Experimental;  1982-0463-001, side view

X-Ray Apollo lunar overshoe

X-Ray Apollo 17 lunar glove

X-Ray Solid Aluminum Arm

Clothing, Space Suits, Hard Suits, EX-1A Advanced Vehicular Suit (AES) (AiResearch)

The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. worked on a project last year to catalog various components of space gear using an X-Ray machine, and the results are pretty fascinating. It can be quite challenging to visualize all of the design and ingenuity that exists inside a contemporary space suit, but we’ve seen in the past how X-Ray technology can provide a fresh perspective on everyday objects.

Via Wired:

“We were trying to find ways to image the suits to find out what’s going on,” Lewis explains. “But short of taking them apart we really couldn’t tell what was going on inside.” Of course, deconstructing an intricately made suit puts major stress on the material, so they looked to X-ray technology to do the task.

Unfortunately for us, the full exhibit ended last December, but these digital images will live on in the Internet.


Incredible Coral Reef Time-lapse by Daniel Stoupin

March 29th, 2014 | Space

Coral Reef Time-lapse

Coral Reef Time-lapse 2

Often called the “Rainforests of the Sea,” coral reefs represent one the most diverse natural habitats in the world. They grow best in warm, shallow, clear, sunny and agitated waters, and when thriving, provide food and shelter for 25% of all marine life.

Videographer, Daniel Stoupin, spent nine long months creating an award-deserving time-lapse of this habitat, and the final result is incredible! The project required 150,000 22-megapixel RAW exposures, which he compiled into a 4K masterpiece (despite Vimeo only showing it as 1080p).  I had no idea how mobile the coral and sponges were.

From the creator:

“To make this little clip I took 150000 shots. Why so many? Because macro photography involves shallow depth of field. To extend it, I used focus stacking. Each frame of the video is actually a stack that consists of 3-12 shots where in-focus areas are merged. Just the intro and last scene are regular real-time footage. One frame required about 10 minutes of processing time (raw conversion + stacking). Unfortunately, the success rate was very low due to copious technical challenges and I spent almost 9 long months just to learn how to make these kinds of videos and understand how to work with these delicate creatures.

I am glad that I abandoned the idea of making this clip in 3D (with two cameras) – very few people have 3D screens and it doubles processing time.”

Would have loved to see it in 3D though… This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on the Internet in quite some time.


Mesmerizing GIFs by David Szakaly

March 25th, 2014 | Space

David Szakaly 1 David Szakaly 2 Szakaly 3 Szakaly 4 Szakaly 5 David Szakaly 6

Ever since Compuserve released the GIF format back in 1987, it seemed destined for Internet stardom. The feature of storing multiple images in one file enables the creation of simple animations that can be displayed seamlessly in browsers.

David Szakaly is taking this medium to the “next level” with his series of simple, yet mesmerizing, animations. The designs have a refined aesthetic which sort of sucks the viewer in, and the infinite loops support the feeling. He’s simply the best GIF artist alive.

You can find a lot more from David at his Tumblr site. It’s definitely worth following.


“Chella Ride” by Dog Blood

March 13th, 2014 | Space

“Chella Ride” is a new track from the group, Dog Blood, a musical collaboration between Skrillex and Boyz Noize. The animated music video really caught my eye. It’s an incredible production by the folks over at Golden Wolf. They implemented multiple techniques such as 3d, 2d, cel animation and live action footage to create a gritty, hard-hitting animation style.

Dog Blood - Chella Ride 1

Dog Blood - Chella Ride 2

Dog Blood - Chella Ride 3

celllayersIf you’re not familiar with it, cel animation is an antique method used by studios before the advent of computer-assisted design. The technique involves drawing on clear plastic sheets (gets its name from “celluloid” sheets) and then laying these images over a static background drawing.

Very old school!


Zoom Into the Milky Way

March 7th, 2014 | Space

Milky Way Zoom

Check out this new NASA super zoom video. The film starts with the familiar strip of stars we know as our Milky Way galaxy, but quickly makes its way toward the spiral galaxy, known as ESO 137-001. The folks at NASA have described it as a “dandelion caught in a breeze.”

From NASA:

“From a star-forming perspective, ESO 137-001 really is spreading its seeds into space like a dandelion in the wind. The stripped gas is now forming stars. However, the galaxy, drained of its own star-forming fuel, will have trouble making stars in the future. Through studying this runaway spiral, and other galaxies like it, astronomers hope to gain a better understanding of how galaxies form stars and evolve over time.”

The zooming video gives a much appreciated perspective about where this galaxy is located, a feature missing from most astronomical photos. It’s quite the view!


[via PetaPixel]

Space Teriyaki 2 – A Collection of Japanese Illustration from 50 Watts

March 2nd, 2014 | Robot, Space

Space Teriyaki 15

Akira Shishido, postcard, early 80s

Space Teriyaki 12

Takuro Kamiya, ca. 80s

Space Teriyaki 11

Jinsei Choh, ca. 80s

Space Teriyaki 13

Shusei Nagaoka, Androla in Labyrinth, 1984

Space Teriyaki 14

Katsuji Isaka, early 70s

Space Teriyaki 17

Shusei Nagoaka, Humanoid, movie poster

Space Teriyaki 18

Noriyoshi Orai, advertising poster, 1980

Space Teriyaki 10

Hajime Sorayama

I featured some images from Will Schofield’s (50 Watts) collection of 1970’s and 1980’s Japanese illustration last year, but the series is too cool not to share some more. The work tends to feature distorted figures with a courageous palette of colors, reminiscent of surrealist paintings. Hope you enjoy!

Look for more Japanese illustration here & here.


[via 50 Watts]

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