Shippo, The Brain-Controlled Tail

September 25th, 2012 | Brain, Robot

Brain-Controlled Tail

My, oh my..! Japan is always a leader in the world of technology and that’s why I find the country so fascinating.  But, it should not be forgotten that Japan is also the leader in weird ideas that Western culture can’t quite understand.  I guess that’s where I find myself with Shippo, the brain-controlled tail.  Is this a real product??

I can’t say exactly how this works, but from their site, I gather that when you are relaxed, the tail will move slowly and when you are “concentrating” on something, the tail will move quickly.  I assume the sensor registers the muscle activity in your forehead, and this sensor is connected to a smartphone app, so you can record your mood and share it on the internet.

Here’s a short tidbit from the neurowear site:

“What will happen when people show their feelings even when they don’t express them? Interesting? Ashamed? Scared? In the beginning, people may feel strange, however people quickly become accustomed to controlling their new ears with their brainwaves. Right now, Necomimi can become a part of your body.”

I think I’ll say “No Thanks” to the brain-controlled tail, but if you feel so inclined, you can check out Neurowear to see their already released, brain-controlled ears.


(via Buzzfeed)

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