Religion in Louisiana Schools

November 20th, 2012 | Space

Religion in Louisiana Schools

Religion in Louisiana Schools

Religion in Louisiana Schools

Religion in Louisiana Schools

These pages are scanned directly from textbooks being used in 5th grade Science classes at some Louisiana schools.  Sadly, this is not a joke.  In addition, these schools, albeit private, are supported by funds from the State of Louisiana.  And while that is bothersome, what worries me more is that I honestly think this is borderline child abuse.  Kids that grow up learning this kind of information as fact have ZERO chance to succeed in higher learning.  It’s really no wonder why we are falling behind every developed country in math and science.  Our country will suffer as a result.

And listen, I really have no complaints for people that want to believe whatever they choose to believe but, when you indoctrinate the next generation with blatant lies, we have a problem.

I am not a geologist, but here are just a few egregious errors in the text above pointed out by one Redditor:

The Facts

1. “Most sane people don’t think there was a global flood.
2. A fossil that is between two layers is inferred to have a date between the dates of those two layers. You have to be sure that some further event didn’t cause the layer contents didn’t mix, but this is usually obvious by inspection.
3. The oldest organisms will be buried in the oldest layers of the rock. Geological inversions happen as a result of extreme tectonic activity (this can cause older layers to appear above younger layers, just because huge sections of earth a flipped over). Furthermore many of the very simplest organisms, such as bacteria, continue to live on to this day. Why would simple organisms confine themselves just to fossilization in the oldest layers?
4. Yes, remnants of (old/simple) centipedes can be found in the stomachs of modern mammals. There is no expectation otherwise. Simple and complex can be mixed. What you cannot have is very recent animal groups (mammals or birds, say) appearing in the very oldest geological layers. And that fact is confirmed.
5. The idea that “most fossils” appear at one rock layer is totally preposterous. That isn’t even close to true. Fossils appear at nearly every time period for the past 2+ billion years, and with very high density for the past 500 million years (once skeletons became more common place).
6. If rock layers have an igneous level, then they will be associated with a date. Being part of a supposed “global flood” would not allow you to escape this.
7. Rock is not the same thing as water. Fossils appearing in higher or lower levels of rock are separated by hundreds, thousands or millions of years. The events of the so called global flood, would appear at one single “pseudo-layer” no matter how long they took in biblical terms (the whole flood took place over the course of a single year, according to the Bible).
8. Real Paleoanthropologists will almost NEVER use carbon dating to figure out the age of a fossil. Carbon dating has too short of a date range (50,000 years). Most fossils have no carbon in them due to a process called mineralization (it is similar to how your bone accumulates calcium over time; ask someone with osteoperosis about this if you don’t know what I am talking about.)”

And one more thing I wanted to point out, is that evolutionists do NOT believe that mankind is the highest level of animal.  Birds, bees, cockroaches, insects… they ALL stand at the same point in the evolutionary timeline.  We all exist together, right now. We may be the most intelligent animal around today, but by no means are we at the highest level in the evolutionary chain.

Early development is such an important time for children to develop their interests, and it sets a foundation for all the learning to come.  Putting this level of religion in Louisiana schools is a disservice to Louisiana, the US, and the World alike.

I wanted this to be a joke or a Photoshop job, but no sirs/mams, this is real life.  God help us all.


[via Reddit]

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