Reimagined Watches from Tokyo Flash

February 10th, 2014 | Robot, Space

The watches from Tokyo Flash are not the most practical tools, but that’s not really the point. These devices are meant to stand out from the crowd, make people say: “What the hell is that thing on your wrist!?”

All of the designs below represent a creative new way to represent time.

The Kisai Denshoku Watch

tokyo flash Kisai Denshoku

How to Use:

“Twelve light bars present the time in a simple, easy to read format. Press the button and the LEDs behind the acrylic diffuse and illuminate the bars three times. First hours are presented, then groups of ten minutes, then single minutes. The speed of movement can be accelerated by pressing the button again. To find out more about how to read the time, take a look at the interactive manual above.”

Side fact: Denshoku means illumination in Japanese.

Pimp Pimpin aint Easy PU LED Watch

Pimp Pimpin aint Easy PU LED Watch

How To Use:

“Reading the time is easy, hours 1-12 are displayed in the left column, from the bottom to the top, minutes from the bottom right, each lit LED representing a single minute. The time can be read more quickly if you look at the numbers on the right, each row of lit LEDs is equal to five minutes. The date can be read in a similar way.”

Side fact: The light-up feature also animates every 2 minutes between 6 pm and 1 am – pimp time.

The Binary LED Watch

Binary LED Watch

 How to Use:

“How to read the time: Hours addition : 3rd LED +4th LED (from Left) = 2 + 1 = 3 Minutes addition : 1st LED+ 3rd LED ( from Left) = 32 + 8 = 40 => 03:40 e.g. 2: Hours addition : 1st LED +3rd LED ( from Left) = 8 + 2 = 10 Minutes addition : 1st LED+ 3rd LED + 5th LED ( from Left) = 16 + 8 + 2 = 26 => 10:26”

The Equalizer

Equalizer High Freq.2 LED Watch

How to Use:

“The display pushes up the top row of lights and they float back down in a real equalizer effect, finally all the lights fall down off the face of the watch to leave only two lights to indicate the time for 5 seconds, then the two lights also trail off. “

Tokyoflash 1000100101 LED Watch

Tokyoflash 1000100101 LED Watch

How to Use:

“Straight off the wrist of a Moon Base Commander from a 1960’s Sci-Fi classic, this watch features all the things that you’d expect. Flat metal panel, cryptic flashing lights, carbon fibre style strap and display that looks like it’s gauging your oxygen level.

By looking at the 4 rows of lights, the Green & Red LED’s at the top indicate the hour simply by counting them. 7 red = 7 o’clock.

The Bottom rows of green & yellow LED’s indicate the minutes. 3 Green + 5 yellow = 35 minutes past.”

Tokyoflash Infection LED Watch

Tokyoflash Infection LED Watch

How to Use:

“Twenty-seven multi-colored LEDs pulsate and move like cells across the curved face to present the time from beneath the attractive mirrored mineral crystal lens.

Twelve red LEDs indicate hours, eleven yellow LEDs represent the progression of time in groups of five minutes and four green LEDs show single minutes.

A single touch of the upper button animates the LEDs, a single touch of the lower button shows the time immediately.”

You can find more watches from Tokyo Flash EBAY.


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