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October 25th, 2012 | Brain

The Mind – 1965

These wonderful posters are from Japanese artist, Kazumasa Nagai.  The designs appeared in LIFE Magazine’s Science Library during the 1960s.  Nagai’s work is reminiscent of another artist we’ve featured here on RSB, Yusaku Kamekura, and not only because  Nagai is a Japanese graphic designer, but also because they both employ a strong use of negative space and bold colors in their designs.


Kazumasa Nagai

The Growth – 1966

Kazumasa Nagai

The Cell – 1966

And here’s a few more of my favorites that aren’t from LIFE.  This Asahi poster is fantastic.  I want it for my wall.  Someone should make a replica with Lone Star beer to celebrate my home state.

Asahi Steinie – 1965

Kazumasa Nagai

Expo 75′ International Ocean Exposition – 1975

Kazumasa Nagai

Kōrakuen Jumbo Pool – 1973

That’s all for now. Take a scroll through all of Kazumasa Nagai’s work here.  There are some real gems.


[via io9]

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