Pencil Sculptures from Dalton Ghetti

February 22nd, 2013 | Robot

Pencil Sculptures 1




Elvis Pencil



Dalton Ghetti is a Brazilian carpenter who sharpens a lot of pencils in his free time.  He began his quest to sculpt tiny objects back in 1986 a few years after coming to America.  His plan was to bring attention to the small things in life.

The pencils are all recycled from the streets and sidewalks of his neighborhood.

Here’s how he does it:

 “To create his sculpture, he holds the pencil in his hand under a strong light source (table lamp or sunlight) and carves it mostly with a sewing needle and a very sharp, triangular, small, metal blade. He works at very small intervals: 1 to 2 hours maximum per day whenever he gets inspired. He works very slowly by removing specks of graphite at a time. It therefore takes months or sometimes years to complete a sculpture.”

You can find more of his work and buy prints from his website.


[via Juxtapoz]

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