Space Crafted – An Interview with the Artist

January 19th, 2012 | Space

Check out the amazing work of Brazilian Artist, Cris Wiegandt.  She hails from São Paulo, Brazil, but she has been living in Europe for the past 12 years (now based out of Berlin).  She created this piece for the agency Ressourcenmangel GmbH for a business pitch, but unfortunately they didn’t win.  Regardless of the business outcome, we are happy to have these lasting images of the meticulously crafted shuttle.  The gray background accents the soft palette quite nicely here. Something tells me Cris would have been very good at creating model cars/ships as a child…

I tracked down Cris through the interweb, and she was nice enough to answer a few questions about how she made it, and about her career as an artist.

How did you go about making the space shuttle? Was it modeled after a specific shuttle?

“[The company] sent me a picture of a space shuttle and the colors I should use. It was a picture found at google [space shuttle unknown].  I made the craft completely by hand. First I made some scribbles about how to build it together, the size of the parts and how to glue it. Then it was more or less just trying and putting everything together.”

What inspired you to enter the field of art?

“Definitly Michel Gondry and music, especially David Bowie, Björk and MPB (musica poplar brasileira).”

How did you choose to focus in animation and design?

“I think I can’t say that it was a choice. I was the only option for me. The only thing I could imagine to do.”

How would you like to see your career develop as an artist?

“I hope I will have more nice and creative projects where I can develop my artistic way and continue living as an artist.”

Make sure to take a gander at Cris’ website for crafts, animations, video, and more.  I hope someone hires her to create more Spacecraft in the future.  I’d like to see the ISS, or maybe a Soyuz next.


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