Miniature Synthesizers from Dan McPharlin

January 8th, 2013 | Robot

Miniature Synthesizers

Miniature Synthesizer for Esquire Magazine


Miniature Synthesizers

Analogue Miniature Synthesizer
Miniature Synthesizers
Miniature Synthesizers

The Australian artist Dan McPharlin is responsible for these incredible miniature synthesizers.  Dan certainly has an eye for science-fiction art.  He’s created album covers, logos, and illustrations for magazines, but these tiny keyboards are my personal favorite.

Unfortunately, the synthesizers are not playable, but maybe that’s asking a bit much.

When asked about his interest in Synthesizers and Music in an interview, Dan responded:

Music is very important. I feel a bit like I’m losing my soul if I’m not creating music regularly. The things I’m drawn to in music are similar to those I’m drawn to in visual art; form, space, atmosphere. I love music that evokes strange worlds, sound environments that seem more like natural phenomena than anything created by human or machine. I’m always listening to something while I work on my art; there are a handful of artists that tend to inspire the right mood while I’m creating; Gyorgy Ligeti, Arvo Part, Klaus Schulze, Jeff Mills, Basic Channel, Toru Takemitsu are a few names that come to mind.”

Also impressive is the sheer number of the miniature synthesizers he’s created.  Check them all out at his Flickr page.


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