Magnetic Putty

April 27th, 2013 | Space

magnetic putty

magnetic putty


When you add small magnetic particles to silly putty, it’s transformed into a metal eating alien life-form. PBS Digital Studios and Shanks FX used the magnetic putty in parts of their recent film short SCI-FLY, and and the shots are pretty fantastic.

They recently released a new video showing the whole process in reverse and it’s really interesting to see how the experience changes.  I’ve been seeing a lot of the video comments describing these videos as a sexual experience, which I think is hilarious.  Maybe there are some silly putty fetishes out there?

Here’s a description of the material that was used in the video:

“Magnetic Attractor Putty is a non-Newtonian solid. This means that while the putty is technically a solid, it exhibits qualities of a liquid as well. Just let your putty sit on a flat surface for a while and you’ll see it spread out like a liquid. The magnetic properties of the Magnetic Attractor Putty come from a magnetic material being mixed in with the putty itself. There are millions of tiny micron-sized magnets embedded in the putty to ensure that it will respond to any large magnet.”

They should pay someone to wear a metal suit and get “eaten” by this stuff…

You can purchase the magnetic putty here.


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