Ladies Weapons from Antonio Riello

June 28th, 2013 | Robot

Ladies Weapons - Nathalie




Ladies Weapons - Tina



Ladies Weapons - Turandot



Ladies Weapons -Dolores


Antonio Riello is an eclectic Italian artist who has worked with a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and even video games.  He is responsible for this striking set of designer firearms, which are part of a collection titled “Ladies Weapons.”

I’m imaging some sort of left-wing fashion militia brandishing these guns with style…

And he didn’t stop with machine guns and rocket launchers… he also created these chic handguns:

And some grenades:




Here is the whole collection together (click to zoom):


Antonio Riello - Ladies Weapons


I like this quote about Antonio’s unique artistic style: “Incorporating the ironic manner of a conceptual charade, Riello manipulates and almost mistreats the images and objects which he invents.”

For more, please visit Antonio’s website.


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