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January 26th, 2012 | Space

The Red Cosmonaut

The Red Cosmonaut – Oil on Board – 2009

Redemption – Oil on Board – 2010

Jeremy Geddes is a hyper-realist/surrealist painter from Melbourne, Australia.  He has experience in the comic book and video game industries but now focuses all of his time on creating epic paintings of Astronauts & Cosmonauts floating precariously through space.  Geddes uses photographs taken from around Melbourne for inspiration, but he quickly leaves the concrete world behind with his work.  His paintings hold a certain level of abstraction that leaves the viewers pondering how the scenes came to be.

Cosmonaut 3 – Oil on Board – 2009

Cosmonaut 4 – Oil on Board – 2009

Alley – Oil on Linen – 2007

The Street – Oil on Board – 2010/2011

Heat Death – Oil on Board – 2009

There is Glory in our Failure – Oil on Linen – 2007

Freeway – Oil on Board – 2007

These post-apocalyptic cityscapes with faceless astronauts floating quietly through are really quite extraordinary to me.  I think Geddes has created a perfect balance of realism and conceptual abstraction.  It’s honestly the kind of art that I wish I had made.  These mysterious space people from a world unknown operate in a quiet melancholic space that operates by its own set of cosmic rules.  It would be spectacular to stand in front of one of these paintings in person and be absorbed into the abandoned scene.

If you happen to be in New York in late 2012 (Oct 20 — Nov 17), enjoy Jeremy’s work at the Jonathan Levine Gallery.

Find more of Jeremy Geddes’ paintings here.

And you can also take a look to his blog to see some details on his works and sketches.



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