How To Stop Robots From Killing Us (Don’t Worry!)

January 25th, 2012 | Robot


Below, you will find Michio Kaku discussing the singularity and the eventual takeover of artificial intelligence.  If you are not familiar with the singularity, it simply refers to the moment in the future when a computer equipped with “artificial intelligence” finally reaches the intellectual capabilities of a human.  And soon thereafter, it is expected that greater-than-human intelligence will develop and biological humans will ultimately be left in the dust.

I fully respect Michio Kaku for his scientific insight, but I believe that his idea of simply placing a kill switch into future robots is a bit short-sighted.

While I do believe we will make tremendous technological progress this century in robotics and artificial intelligence, I expect that we will also make even greater strides in in the field of biotechnology.  As computer technology gets better and better every year, so will humans.  We will use learn how to use cybernetic and chemical enhancements to improve our bodies and minds, essentially evolving ourselves as we age (potentially moving toward eternal life).

We are already connecting to computers throughout the day with smartphones and mobile computing, and I presume that we will only continue to become more and more connected with computer technology and artificial intelligence in the years to come.  So what I’m trying to say, is basically that we don’t really need to worry about computers wanting to kill us… because we will BE the computers.

If you’re interested in learning more about why we don’t need to worry about computers killing us, check out this article from


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One thought on “How To Stop Robots From Killing Us (Don’t Worry!)

  1. K!dB3AsT

    I Belive This Will Happen To, Good Question, but we humans are hella smart and can still gain higher intelligence than a artifical intelligent robot we humans created! WE CREATED THEM. we got the damn intelligence >_>


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