Graphic Design from Maiko Gubler

April 17th, 2013 | Brain, Space

Maiko Gubler

Maiko Gubler

Maiko Gubler

The Swiss-Japanese artist Maiko Gubler belongs to the creative group in Berlin, originally moving to Germany because she was “charmed by the rawness, the undefined space and the inherent history of Berlin in the 90s.”  She works in a variety of mediums — illustration, sculpture, 3D modeling, and graphic design — and all of it is well crafted.

The images above are fantastically crisp, driven by blue skies, clean lines, and bright tile. The melting metal reminds me of gallium, which will turn liquid in your hand (at 29.76 °C  / 85.57 °F to be exact).

Find more from Maiko here.


[via But Does It Float]

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