Golf Ball Cross-Sections by James Friedman

July 21st, 2013 | Space

James Friedman Golf Balls 1

James Friedman Golf Balls 5

James Friedman Golf Balls 2

James Friedman Golf Balls 4

James Friedman is an American photographer who was curious about what the inside of golf balls might look like.  He used 20 different types, and I’m astonished at the diversity he found.  Also, with the black backgrounds, the images could pass for planets in outer space.

From the artist:

“Curiosity led me to cut my collection of golf balls in half to see what the cores looked like. To my surprise, what I found inside inspired me to consider that I could discover, in the unlikeliest of places, elegant formal qualities, unpredictable color schemes and metaphor. Interior Design has moved me to be enthusiastic about abstraction, an exciting corollary to my work as a documentary photographer.Incidentally, I do not play golf.”

See more of James’ work at his site.


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