Flight Recorders from Jeffrey Milstein

June 18th, 2013 | Space

Jeffrey Milstein - Flight Recorders 1

Jeffrey Milstein - Flight Recorders 2

Jeffrey Milstein - Flight Recorder 3

Jeffrey Milstein - Flight Recorders 4

Jeffrey Milstein - Flight Recorder 5

Jeffrey Milstein - Flight Recorder 6 and 7

A flight recorder is an essential safety recording device of every aircraft.  The purpose of these tools is to facilitate the investigation of a plane crash.  In other words, they record everything about the plane’s actions so someone can find the wreckage and discover exactly why the airplane went down. For this reason, flight recorders are built to withstand extreme conditions . Typically, they’re water-proof and rated for temperatures over 1,000 °C to endure the heat of intense engine fire.

In this series, Jeffrey Milstein captures the hidden beauty of these indestructible black boxes of air travel.

From the artist:

“Some recorders survive in pristine condition, while others reveal the signs of the tragedy that brought them into collision with the earth or sea. These inert pieces of steel hold the key to understanding a tragedy. They are poured over by investigators to discover the cause of accidents and the hope of preventing future ones. While visually direct and clean, they are charged with emotion. For families and survivors these small boxes carry powerful last words and sometimes the only link to understand what happened.”

The photographs are beautifully crisp, but they tell a story of destruction.  Wonderful imagery.

Find more from Jeffrey Milstein at his site.


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