Fabergé Fractals from Tom Beddard

May 21st, 2013 | Space

Fabergé-Fractals-1 from Tom Beddard

Fabergé-Fractals-2 from Tom Beddard

Fabergé-Fractals-3 from Tom Beddard


Tom Beddard created these illustrations using his custom WebGL 3D fractal creator.  This form of algorithmic art is created from fractal objects, which are “various extremely irregular curves or shapes for which any suitably chosen part is similar in shape to a given larger or smaller part when magnified or reduced to the same size.”

It seems logical that Tom Beddard would enter this form of art, considering he completed a PhD in laser physics before moving into web development and design. From the artist: “I’m interested in how equations and formulas can be used to create interesting, unpredictable imagery.”

From Fast Company: “Beddard doesn’t write the actual mathematical equations himself — for that he goes to the geniuses on FractalForums.com. Instead, he just… explores, using his custom software. ‘You get an intuition about what equations lead to interesting results,’ he says. ‘Everything in ‘Surface Area’ comes from slowly changing just one parameter. And when it moves in and out of phase with some of the other parameters, certain structures pop out: some organic, some geometric, some classical and tree-like.'”

I think this is about as scientific as art can get…

For more from the artist, go here.


[via But Does It Float]

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