Drift Stage – 90’s Arcade Style Racing Game

August 1st, 2014 | Robot

Drift Stage 1

90's style video game

Drift Stage is a new racing video game currently being created by 2 guys who were deeply inspired by the the great, Yu Suzuki. Suzuki is the mastermind behind the extremely popular titles, Daytona USA and Super Hang-On. This game looks really beautiful.

Drift Stage 4

Drift Stage 3

From a recent interview with the developers, programmer Chase Pettit and artist Charles Blanchard:

“These days, you typically either get something like Forza Horizon that has one foot in the sim racing world and a learning curve to match or you get something that swings hard in the other direction like Mario Kart 8 that maybe eschews a bit too much depth for the sake of being accessible. There are definitely some amazing games in both of those camps, but I want to give the middle ground some more attention with Drift Stage.”

Drift Stage 5

Drift Stage 6

Drift Stage 7

The super-saturated color palette is pretty perfect for this type of game, and it’s sure to win some nostalgia-driven fans as a result.

Look for a first release on the PC and Mac platforms, but the game is still very early in development, so who knows when it will be released. You can follow the developers’ tumblr page to stay updated.


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