Curiosity’s Descent onto Mars (in HD)

August 23rd, 2012 | Space

In case you missed it, NASA landed a new rover by the name of Curiosity onto the surface of Mars back on August 6th. Daniel Fitch, of YouTube, recently compiled a set of High-definition images taken by the Mars Descent Imager to make the video seen above.

At first, you see the heat shield being ejected toward the surface.  Once the shield is gone, the rover’s radar is revealed to calculate the right speed and direction of descent which can be controlled with its jetpacks.

Now, we just have to sit back and let the rover roam the Red Planet and try to achieve its 4 goals:

Goal 1: Determine whether life ever arose on Mars

Goal 2: Characterize the climate of Mars

Goal 3: Characterize the geology of Mars

Goal 4: Prepare for human exploration

I’m most excited about Goals 1 & 4.  Send Humans!


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