Cordyceps Fungi = Killer Fungi

October 17th, 2011 | Brain

This beautifully narrated (Sir David Attenborough) video created by the Planet Earth team highlights the peculiar Cordyceps genus. The Cordyceps unilateralis species showcased in this video has evolved a fascinating ability to control the minds of these jungle ants. Its spores enter the ants’ tracheas where they subsequently grow into the ants’ brains and alter their perception of pheromones, forcing them into the trees to spread the fungi spores.

When I first saw this video, I could have sworn it was straight out of a horror movie. If they can do this to ants, what has prevented the evolutionary leap to mind control of larger animals, even humans? If M. Night Shyamalan is proven to have given us an accurate portrayal of the future, I may obligated to watch his next movie.


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