Contact 1 – 200,000 Brick Lego Masterpiece

April 2nd, 2013 | Space

LEGO Masterpiece




New Jersey artist Mike Doyle never stopped playing with LEGOs.  He recently spent over 600 hours to assemble 200,000 LEGO pieces into The Contact Series, which was designed to celebrate “spirituality, peaceful ET contact and fantastical worlds.”  Doyle gets into some pretty heady topics over on his kickstarter page, and here’s a quick glimpse:

This first piece in the series is the Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K’al, Odan.

“Like Earth, their civilization is young – under two hundred thousand years old. Unlike Earth, their species evolved from mammals that did not have inter species killing. The concept of war and murder remained unknown to this race as a result of these early evolutionary behaviors. This allowed for the quick advancement along cultural and spiritual tracks.”

Mike Doyle is no stranger to extremely intricate LEGO creations.  Here’s a few of Victorian Houses he completed a few years ago:

LEGO Masterpiece




Check out Mike’s Flickr page to find more LEGO Masterpieces.


[via Colossal]

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