Chinese Space Suit from Wu Ershan

February 10th, 2012 | Space

I came across this space suit on a blog called The Fox Is Black (they run a Space Suit of the Week column which is a must read!), and I knew I had to share.

Wu Ershan is a Chinese artist from Inner Mongolia who created the space suit shown above using white felt and metal inserts.

Description of the artwork from the curator:

The artwork presents part of the project ‘Nomadic Plan in Outer Space’. This artwork is an example of imagining the future, with parallels to the ‘Secret History of the Mongols’ (regarding the birth of Genghis Khan). This uses the metaphor of the wolf and the deer and the blood clot in Khan’s hand, which can be seen as similar to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Both these visions are drawn from inspired imaginations and non-linear methods of linking the past, future and present times, presenting them as both separate and concurrent, an extension of the spirit influenced by Eastern Buddhism. These can all be seen as the future predictions.

I really like the neutral color palette and the mixture of traditional Mongolian design with futuristic space suits.  It would be interesting if every country had a space program and designed their suits with their respective cultures in mind.

Below you’ll find a few of the suits in action.  And I’m not sure what that horse is doing in space, but I like it.

This has inspired me to try to create my own space suit of sorts.  Stay tuned for news about this in the future.

Find more of Wu Ershan’s work here.


[via The Fox Is Black]

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