Red Sandstone of China Danxia

May 30th, 2013 | Space

China Danxia 1

China Danxia 2

China Danxia 3

Danxia Landform Recognized As World Natural Heritage

China Danxia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the name given in China to landscapes developed on continental red terrigenous sedimentary beds influenced by endogenous forces (including uplift) and exogenous forces (including weathering and erosion). The inscribed site comprises six areas found in the sub-tropical zone of south-west China.

They are characterized by spectacular red cliffs and a range of erosional landforms, including dramatic natural pillars, towers, ravines, valleys and waterfalls. These rugged landscapes have helped to conserve sub-tropical broad-leaved evergreen forests, and host many species of flora and fauna, about 400 of which are considered rare or threatened.” — description from UNESCO

It’s really quite amazing what surprises can be found on this Earth.


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