Bioluminescent Hawksbill Sea Turtle

September 29th, 2015 | Brain

Bioluminscent Turtle 2

Marine biologist David Gruber, of City University of New York, recently underwent a mission to film biofluorescence in small sharks and coral reefs near the Solomon Islands. The team was keeping an eye out for crocodiles in the area when surprisingly, a glowing “spaceship” hovered by them in the dark waters. It was the first time that a bioluminescent turtle had ever been caught on film.

We’ve featured biofluorescence on the site before in Japan and in the Maldives. Animals are known to use it for hunting, mating, but it’s still unclear why turtles would benefit in this case.

After this film was shot, Gruber visited with the local villages and found some captured turtles that all glowed as well. Further research will be surely be conducted to determine how these turtles acquired this amazing ability.


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